Five New Year Resolutions to Make You a Better Dog Mom

You guys! 2021 has officially kicked off. And if you’re like most people, you’re making all sorts of resolutions to make this year the best year ever. You’re planning to eat healthy, get that beach bod, read a few more books, and do whatever else it takes to achieve your dream lifestyle, right?! 

Well, those are great resolutions to set for yourself but what are some ways you can intentionally be better at treating others? If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that people are cray and animals are literally perfect. Our pets live to please us. It’s seriously the truest form of unconditional love! 

So, how can we show up better for our pets? Well, we’ve broken down five New Year Resolutions that will surely make you a better dog mom. So hop on in and pick a resolution that’s right for you, (if not implement them all)! After all, your doggo deserves it. 🐶❤️

1. Make a Plan to Play

Life gets busy – fast. And when it does, it’s all too easy to let playtime with your furry friend fall into the “last priority” position. But that’s sad! Your pal deserves to have play time! That’s why resolution #1 is this – make a plan to spend quality time with your pooch on a daily basis. Whether that’s going on a morning/evening walk, throwing the ball in the backyard after the work day, or playing tug of war before dinner, you’ll be on your way to being the best dog mom when you commit time each day to play. 

2. Spoil Your Dog with Gifts

Everyone loves gifts, and your dog is no exception. You can always give your furry friend gifts throughout the year so they feel spoiled. Here’s a few of our favorites…

A new bouncy ball for fetch - If your dog is anything like ours, they love bouncy balls and can never have too many. Head to your local pet store and grab a few, new balls to play with!

A fluffy dog bed to curl up on - With all this play and fun, your dog needs a place to get some much needed rest. Pick up a luxe, cozy dog bed so your four-legged friend can crash in comfort. 😴

A pet playpen - Doggie play pens are a great option if you need a safe place for your dog to relax while also being supervised. They’re awesome for on-the-go, too! A pet playpen is one of those items you never thought you’d need but once you have it, you could never imagine your life without. Shop the collection here

3. Bake a Special Surprise

We just posted this amazing homemade dog treat recipe on the blog a few weeks ago and the response was overwhelming! Your dog will go crazy for these sweet treats and it’s super easy to make! Try this recipe and give your dog healthy, delicious treats that they are sure to drool over.

4. Host a Doggy Play Date

What’s better than being a dog mom? Being a dog mom with friends, of course! Get one of your friends in on the dog-mom resolutions train and schedule a doggy play date. You can take your dogs to the park or let them run around in the backyard and play. You’ll get to have some social time (and your dog will, too)! Win, win. 

5. Go on an Adventure

Almost every dog loves going on car rides. If that sounds like your dog, take them out on a doggy road trip. You could go on an exciting adventure to a far-off place or just spend a day hiking on a nearby trail. Once you have your pet playpen, you can go just about anywhere in confidence! Your pooch is bound to enjoy this exciting and fun adventure. We all could use a little bit more fresh air and time spent in nature. 

If it’s even possible, your pup is going to love you even more...

You should always want to show up well in life, but we also need to show up well for our pets. After all, they literally live for our existence. It’s the least we could do! The truth is – our commitment to our pets can sometimes fall by the wayside. But when you get intentional about the days ahead and make a new year resolution out of it, you’re sure to stay on track and become the best dog mom on the block. 😎🐶✨

Happy New Year! 

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