Fighting Off Germs | Healthy Habits for Kids

With the recent outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, keeping your family healthy, especially your little ones, is a top priority.

To this end, paying attention to hygiene is essential. Many of our customers are using their Pop N' Go® as a form of personal quarantine for their children. They are sending us there pictures and videos on Instagram and we couldn't be more thankful to have such an amazing support base of happy customers.

We have always strived to help parents with the protection and safety of their precious mini-me's, but we never envisioned how our playpen could help families during a time of crisis. 

The Pop N' Go® is perfect for keeping your children off of dirty surfaces, as it can be easily cleaned and disinfected with the proper supplies. It can also allow you to clean surrounding areas, while your kid(s) are in the playpen. Don't forget to use the UV shade cover, even indoors, and throw a blanket or two inside to give your children an added sense of security. 

We truly hope that these troubling times will pass, and you and your children are safe and healthy! 

Today, we bring you a video that shares practical tips from a school nurse…

...on how to fight off germs and how to help your kids develop a few healthy habits that will keep them clean and safe.

Watch the video by clicking on the play button below:

Stay safe!