Did You Know There Are Scientific Benefits to Having a Dog?

There’s a reason why we treasure our pets so much and it’s not just because of how cuddly and cute they are. There are numerous scientific benefits to owning a dog, thus explaining the strong bonds we create with them. Once you realize all they do for you, you’ll want to reward your furry friend with a palace of their own. Dogs dramatically improve our lives; return the favor by gifting them with their very own safe haven - the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen

Pet owner carrying the Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen bag with her dog by her side

Get a Pet and Stress Less

Owning a dog will significantly lower your stress levels. Playing, petting, or even just being around a dog will make you feel more relaxed in a physical sense. It’s been proven that blood pressure lowers, tension fades, and fewer stress hormones are produced when people interact with their pets. 

“Puppy Love” is a Real Thing

While dogs reduce stress hormones, they also produce happy hormones, like oxytocin. This hormone creates feelings of love, explaining why people are head over heels for their pets! We’re literally falling in love with them on a consistent basis. The feeling of companionship that dogs bring makes them ideal counterparts for people struggling with depression or isolation. With the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen, you can feel connected to your pet even when you’re both doing your own thing. 

A dog happily sitting outside the Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen

Get a Sense of Your Health

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell, which is probably not news to you. However, have you ever stopped to think about how their senses might benefit you? Dogs can be trained to detect early signs of cancer and can even sniff out traces of food that are harmful to their owners. 

Your New Personal Trainer

If you’re thinking about getting a gym membership, maybe think about getting a dog instead. In order to take proper care of a pet, you’ll find yourself walking or running several times a day. What’s more, this kind of exercise will give you lots of fresh air and bonding time with your pet. Everybody could benefit from more time outside! 

A young girl walking her dog on a leash outside

Get a Dog, Get a Date

Dogs make you more attractive. Yes, it’s really that plain and simple. When seen with their pets, people are approached more and give off a better first impression. They are seen as loving and caring, and therefore trustworthy and good-natured. Dogs also help their owners to be more social, which means they’ll act as wingmen more than a time or two. Are you looking for your other soulmate, the one that doesn’t have four legs? Chill with your pet and their Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen at the park, and you’ll be a magnet for positive attention. 

A young woman petting her dog while sitting outside

There’s Your Excuse

If you’ve been wanting a pup but haven’t found a way to justify it, you’re welcome! These scientific benefits show just how integral our domesticated animals are to our happiness. They’re fun and cute but oh-so-much more than that. 

A pitbull sitting happily inside the Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen


NOTE: Our hugely popular Pop 'N Go Pets Playpen has a new name: The Pop 'N Go Mini Playpen... check it out here!