Best Way to Keep the Family Safe During Busy Holiday Weekends

Summer brings with it plenty of long, holiday weekends and time to bond with family and friends. Family vacations are a great opportunity to have fun and relax with your loved ones, but crowded parks, beaches, and hotels can make it easy to get lost or separated from your family. Be prepared for your next family vacation by following these simple safety steps! ☺️

Have a designated meeting spot

If you plan to spend your holiday weekend relaxing on the beach or at a park with your family, then establishing a meet up spot or “homebase” is a great way to avoid getting lost or separated from other family members. Set up your Pop N’ Go Playpen and tell your kids that it represents your meeting spot, in the event that they can’t find you. By having a designated area to meet back up you can easily let your older kids roam around and have some freedom while also requiring them to meet back up with you at a certain time. 👍🏼

Pack important items

Being prepared with safety items when you travel with your family is a great way to stay focused on the fun! Long days at the beach or playground are always a blast but the last thing you need is for you or someone in your family to get sunburned, injured, or dehydrated. Some helpful items to bring along include a first aid kit, sunscreen, emergency medications, and plenty of food and water. If you have younger toddlers and babies, the Pop N’ Go Playpen or Pop N' Go Mini is an absolute necessity. The Pop N’ Go will allow you to have a safe shady spot for your young kids to rest and play.⛱ It also doubles as a travel crib so if you’ll be out of town overnight, it’s the perfect safe, sleeping spot for younger children. 💤

Pay extra close attention

Already crowded beaches and parks can get a little crazy during holiday weekends so it is important to always be paying attention to your surroundings, especially when you have young kids with you. Any parent of a young toddler knows that toddlers like to run off and when there are adults running around your toddler could easily run into someone on accident. Keep an extra close watch on your energetic children to be sure that they are staying out of harm’s way. 

Ultimately, holiday weekends are an exciting and fun time to relax with the people you love the most! With the right safety measures put into place, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your kiddos are safe. 😎