Baby’s first birthday party ideas

Everyone will tell you to soak up the newborn days because they go by so fast. But you really don’t realize just how fast the time flies until you’re sitting down to plan your baby's first birthday party. 😭❤️

Okay, we know it’s bittersweet, but try to hold back the tears because there is plenty of fun to be had! Here are some creative ideas to make your little one’s first birthday party one for the books. 🥳

Make a smash cake 🎂

Your little one has been on Earth for a whole year, and for that reason they deserve to be celebrated. No birthday party is complete without a cake and the smash cake tradition will make your baby’s first birthday party just that much more special. You can make the cake yourself if you’ve got time or get one from your local baker. Set your baby up in their high chair, give them the cake, and let them smash away! Your baby will love their first little sugar rush, and it will make for the sweetest photos. 

Turn your Pop N’ Go Playpen into a ball pit 🤩

One of the best parts of your baby’s first birthday party will be the joy that comes with watching them play with other little ones. Having plenty of fun activities to keep kids busy will help the party run more smoothly. It’s hard to go wrong with a Pop N’ Go ball pit. All you’ll have to do is set up your Pop N’ Go (which we all know is super easy 😉) and add some ball pit balls, which you can easily purchase online. This creates a super fun activity for kids of all ages and it's a lot more budget friendly than renting a whole bounce house or water slide. 

Make some sweet party favors 🎈

There’s no better way to say thank you to your party guests for showing up and bearing gifts than to offer them a little something on their way out. Plan out some party favors to hand out to your guests as they leave. These favors may look different depending on the age of the kids that will be attending. For older kids, you can make goodie bags with candy and other treats. If your guest list includes younger babies who aren’t old enough for candy yet, purchase a balloon for each baby to take with them as they leave. They’ll love playing with it and it's an easy yet thoughtful touch!