A Playpen for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Time is precious, especially when you’re a parent. We understand the importance of efficiency, and how it fits into your daily life. We also know the appeal of versatility in kids’ products, especially playpens. With the Pop N Go Playpen, you’ll be able to travel indoors, outdoors, and wherever else your heart desires with ease! 

In this article, you’ll discover all the ways in which the Pop N Go Playpen has you and your kid covered. 

Poppin’ Inside vs. Outside 

You’ll be a pro at setting up the Pop N Go Playpen on your first try. It only takes a couple of seconds to assemble, and it can be disassembled in a flash. Are you and your child always on the go? You’ll be surprised by how well this playpen can keep up. Weighing in at seven pounds, it’s shockingly light and takes barely any effort to transport to-and-fro. As one of our customer’s states, “It’s very easy to pop up and create a fun space anywhere.”  

When inside, the Pop N Go Playpen is a great way to occupy your kiddo while you cross around-the-house tasks off your to-do list. Or, maybe you’re just trying to take some time-out for yourself- that works too. Your child will love hiding out in their own private space and you’ll love knowing that they’re safe and secure. The self-inflating mattress provides a comfy landing for extended hours of play. No big deal if the weather’s less than ideal; your child will never get bored with this fort of possibilities. 

Now that it’s Springtime, the weather is on your side. When you do decide to get out in nature, the Pop N Go Playpen is all for it. Your child won’t feel trapped at all when playing outside in this structure. Breathable mesh netting allows your child to take in the view, soak up the sun, and experience the free-flowing breeze. Sun damage should be no concern of yours either; the UV shade cover will protect your kid from even the sun’s harshest rays. 

We also encourage you to take your Pop N Go Playpen on adventures, even the messier ones. Whether you’re hiking, camping or lounging at the beach or a sporting event, this play tent is up for the challenge. It’s built tough, repelling all kinds of wear, tear, grease, grime, and whatever else your kid wants to throw at it. All it takes is a good wipe or hose-down to return your playpen back to its normal state. 

Why The Pop N Go Is The Best Playpen In the World

There’s no competition when it comes to the best playpen on the market- the Pop N Go Playpen is it. We’re confident in this claim because we know how unique our product is. This functional fort goes above and beyond in matters of durability, versatility, and efficiency. In addition, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an option that your kid will enjoy hanging out in as much as the Pop N Go Playpen

If you want a second opinion, just ask Raylene. In her review, she states: “If you're contemplating on purchasing this item, wait no longer! This has multiple functions for inside and outside use! Well designed, easy set up tear down, lightweight, hands down best available item on the market!” 

You want your child to feel free to explore, and so do we. Our spacious, open-air designed play tent feels more like a treehouse or fort, but with all the benefits of an enclosed space. With the Pop N Go Playpen, fun for the whole family really is possible.