5 Ways to Use The POP N' GO® Playpen

One of our greatest goals at The California Beach Co. is to create versatile products that parents will love and benefit from. Every product we create is designed with our customers in mind, including the POP N' GO® playpen. Today, we’re going to discuss 5 great ways that anyone can use it! 🤩


1. Travel playpen ✈️

If you have kiddos, then you probably know how convenient it is to bring along a playpen when you travel. Whether you’re going on an outdoor camping trip or staying at a hotel, it’s important to have a safe and secure place to set your baby down. The POP N' GO® Playpen is perfect for this because it’s super lightweight and easy to set up. You can even keep one in your trunk for spontaneous adventures. 

2. Sunshade ⛱

Every POP N' GO® Playpen comes equipped with an included UV sun shade. This included cover makes it the perfect outdoor accessory for young children and babies. Whether you’re out at your favorite park, spending the day at the beach, or just hanging out in your backyard, you’ll always have a guaranteed shady spot for your little one to rest. 

travel with POP N' GO® Playpen

3. Travel crib 💤

One of the main reasons why most parents bring a playpen along when traveling is to use it as a travel crib. The POP N' GO® Playpen makes a cozy spot for babies to sleep because it comes with an included mattress pad. This playpen is super easy to pack up and take on the road -- it even comes with an included carrying case!

4. For pets 🐶

That’s right, the POP N' GO® Playpen isn’t just for children -- it’s great for pets too! Set it up at home, outside, or when traveling to give your furry friend a cozy and safe place to relax. This playpen is great for small dogs, cats, and even bunnies.


5. As an indoor clubhouse 🥰

baby playing around POP N' GO® Playpen

Even though the POP N' GO® Playpen is the perfect travel accessory, you don’t have to be on the go for your little one to love it. Set it up at home to give your kiddo a cozy and fun clubhouse to play in. Think of building a living room fort, only it’s 10 times easier! Trust us, you’ll be so glad you have this new activity for your kids on the next rainy day when you’re all stuck inside. 🌧

We take pride in creating useful products and we love nothing more than figuring out new ways to use our playpens! What’s your favorite way to use the POP N' GO® Playpen? 😎