4 Fall Crafts to Try with Your Children

Fall is an exciting and fun time for parents and kids alike. What better way to jump into the new season than by celebrating with your kiddo and doing some enjoyable crafts. Below, we’ve listed a few new crafts to try with your kids this fall. Many of these crafts are great for children of all ages! 🥰

Make a Fall Wreath🍁

A fall wreath is a really simple activity to do with kids of all ages. All you’ll need is some paper plates, glue, scissors, and some fake leaves from the craft store (or real ones if you have some in your yard!) Simply cut out the middle of the paper plate to create a ring and glue the leaves around the ring. Kids will love to hang their wreath up in their bedroom!

Do Some Pumpkin Painting🎨

Some kids might not be old enough for pumpkin carving quite yet, so this is why pumpkin painting is a great idea. Go to the pumpkin patch and get some pumpkins, set up a tarp or blanket, and get some good, kid-friendly paint, and brushes and let your kid’s creativity run wild!

Carve Pumpkins With Older Kids 🎃

It’s never too early in the season to carve some pumpkins. Get your older kids together, grab some bigger pumpkins, and get craving! Kids love pumpkin carving because it is festive and it gives them an opportunity to get creative and even a little dirty. Look up some fun carving ideas for inspiration and host a pumpkin carving contest within your family for extra fun. 

Bake a Festive Treat 🧁

Baking can be enjoyable for little ones of all ages. Even if you have a baby or toddler, bring them into the kitchen with you and let them help you measure out ingredients, mix batter, or even scoop cookie dough onto the cookie sheet. Try making some pumpkin muffins or get some cookie cutters to make cookies into spooky shapes. We promise, little ones will have a blast! 

Pro Tip: Use Your California Voyager Blanket as a Craft Station 😉

Here’s a little inside tip for you: The California Voyager Blanket makes the perfect craft station to be set up inside or outside. This soft blanket is spacious, soft and washable, making it the perfect work station to lay down for any kiddo to work on without you having to worry about getting paint, glue, or any other craft supplies on your carpet. 

A new season is a cause for celebration! Make sure to use this time as an opportunity to bond  and connect with your family and crafts are one of the best ways to make memories. ☺️