10 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

Animals just have this way of bringing about a special type of joy that you can’t find anywhere else. Bringing home a new puppy will also present some challenging times — it definitely takes a certain level of patience and responsibility! However, once you introduce that cute little fur ball to your life, you'll never want to imagine a life without him/her. 

In honor of all the dog parents out there that work so hard to be the best parent they can be, we thought we'd make a little list only dog owners can understand.

Ten things that you’ll quickly learn once you become a dog owner:

  1. Don’t worry about setting your alarm anymore, your new pup will definitely be waking you up at the crack of dawn for their morning walk most days. 🌞

  2. You might have some sleepless nights. Honestly, bringing home a new puppy isn’t all that different from bringing home a new baby. (You're parenting, after all!) 💤

  3. You will always feel protected. Having a dog around the house just makes it feel safer. That pooch will always warn you if a stranger is outside... 😎

  4. Dog hair may be on everything, but it’s okay. Funny how things like that used to bother you but nowadays, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Your first dog will show you the true meaning of love, loyalty, and companionship. Something about how your dog relies on you for everything just melts the heart! 🥺

  6. They don’t call them fur babies for nothing.. Have we mentioned that it’s not all that different from having a child? 👶

  7. The importance of running around outside really rings true when you see your dog running around in the sunlight, filled with joy. Honestly, I think we could all learn a thing or two from dogs. Getting outside is good for everyone! 🍃

  8. Friend time is not to be taken for granted! Nothing burns your puppies energy better than running around with some puppy friends. Not to mention it makes for some really adorable photo ops… 📸

  9. I know you’ve cringed at a dog licking someone’s face before. But then you got a dog and realized those slobbery kisses are anything but gross. 🐶🥰

To save the best for last... 

10. The right playpen can make all the difference! 

Pet owners of all types can agree that the Pop N’ Go Pet Playpen is an absolute necessity whether you need a place for your fur baby to sleep, a sunshade for the beach, or just a place to hang out so they don’t go running off. 

Ultimately, owning a dog is so rewarding that all of the challenges are worth it. The right preparation and supplies can make bringing home a puppy just a little less tough and even more fun! 🥂 To all the pet owners out there! 

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