10 Simple Sensory Activities For Toddlers

When children turn 1 year old, they begin to develop their sensory skills: sight, hearing, balance, movement, smell, touch, and taste.

Since at this stage, they can’t learn through reading just yet…

...it’s best for us parents to support their development with sensory play (games or activities that let children explore colors, textures, etc.)

Most of us parents don’t realize is how important it is this sensory learning continues to be – even after your little angel goes from being a cute toddler into their early years of school.

It helps them with their brain development!

Which is why today, we got you a video that shares 10 fun & simple activities that will help develop your toddler’s sensory skills.

From a simple gardening activity, like creating interesting moon sand, to playing along with magnets... there’s more to be discovered from this video.

Through these activities, you are giving your toddlers endless ways to develop & learn. It’ll help them develop their gross & fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration.

Plus, through these fun sensory activities, your little angels will learn how to collaborate and work cooperatively with you… using all their senses to discover and explore their environment, develop their imagination, creative thinking, ability to solve problems and experiment with multiple solutions.

Enjoy quality time with your kids and discover these fun sensory games by clicking on the video below:



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