10 Affirmations to Start Saying to Your Children

There is power behind a parent’s words. Your child craves your love and acceptance. Here are 10 affirmations to start saying to your children.

A little girl sits in her mothers lap while playing in the backyard

What is an affirmation? 

Before you skip over this part because you know the definition of affirmation, let me stop you in your tracks for just a second. An affirmation is way more than just the act of affirming someone. An affirmation provides support, positivity, and love. Your child needs to hear affirmations because it reminds them that you love them unconditionally, support their good decisions, and you will always be there for them when they need you. 

How do I start using affirmations if they don’t come naturally to me? 

It’s okay if this practice doesn’t come naturally to you. It may feel awkward at first and your child may be surprised but regardless of how they take it, you can walk away knowing that you did some good for them.

As children get older, it’s harder for them to allow parents in. For some reason, they like to act like they “don’t care” or they are just “too cool” for us, parents. The truth is your child will love when you affirm them and when you praise them. Just because they may not have the reaction that you’re longing for doesn’t mean that it’s not making an impact in their little world. 

When you encourage your child, you’ll start to see a major shift in their behavior. They’ll gain confidence, make smarter decisions, and interact with you on a much happier note. Like I said, Ma, your words carry heavyweight.

Father and daughter inside the Pop N Go Playpen, playing outside

10 Affirmations to start saying to your children 

Below are just 10 affirmations that you can start saying to your kids! There is no right way or wrong way to affirm someone but this will give you an idea of how to get started.  Affirmations are a lot like compliments, just more intentional. Your children deserve intentional conversations with you. We hope that this serves your family culture in more ways than you expect! By the way, you rock! (Yes, that was an affirmation to you, from us. 😉)

1. I'm proud of you. 

2. I believe in you. 

3. You are so beautiful (or) You are so handsome.

4. That was so thoughtful of you. Thank you.

5. You are so important to me.

6. You can do anything!

7. You showed a lot of courage when you… (fill in the blank).

8. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

9. Your opinions matter. It’s okay to be upset.

10. Being your (mom or dad) is my favorite job. I love you!